Все версии Bios для Eee PC

04-12-2010, 16:26
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Все версии Bios для Eee PC Все версии BIOS

В архиве находяться такие версии Bios:
— 2G Surf (700) — 0129
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 0401
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 0511
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 0703
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 8804
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 0801
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 0906
— 4G / 4G Surf (701) — 0910
— 8G (702) — 0103
— 8G (702) – 0201

Новое в 0906 (2008-02-21):
Improve QuickBoot Function and Default Set to On.
Remove VBIOS Sign On message.
Force System Boot to First HDD when BootBoster Enabled.
Fix EZ-Flash & ASUS Update can’t Update EC Firmware.
Change the defualt value of “boot booster” to “disable”.
Fix XP Freeze when Battery Capacity fall down to Critical Low.
Fix AC/DC status confused when enter OS by bootbooster.
Correct battery warning&low capacity.

Новое в 0910 (2008-03-03):
Revise VBIOS to Support 1024768.
Update EC F/W to fix system can’t wakeup when Discharge to Battery Low in S3.
Update EC F/W to fix system auto wakeup when XP force system Standby when Battery Low occurred.
Skip asserting BAT_LL# in S3 to prevents host could not resuming from S3.
Changed BAT_LL# asserting level to 0.5*battery critical level.
Disabled EC_FLAG_BAT_LOW_RESUME_S3_ENABLED when enter to S3.)
Update EC FW to Fix that If you Plug/Remove AC fast and continual, XP may show AC Present but in fact not.
Changed the model name from S701_xxx to EPC-[censored].
Fixed SCI_EVT synchronization issue.
Fix System Boot to SSD fail when Enable BootBooster and Set Lan Boot First.
Remove 1024768 due to SW not ready


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